What they don’t tell you…

I’m pretty sure that if people knew more details teenage pregnancy would drop, a lot…

I got asked by someone recently what being pregnant is like and to be honest there are many different responses. I’ve already shared my pregnancy experience however I realised I’d never really talked about some of the things that you take for granted until you are pregnant.

Pregnancy is incredible it still baffles my brain that I grew a person inside me but there is a lot of stuff that I didn’t know about before I got pregnant. If I did I would still have had A but I could have prepared myself a little better.

Shaving: The ability to reach your legs or other areas with ease, GONE! Three options left: 1. Go au natural 2. Have your partner help (crazy) 3. Get a wax! 

Reaching your bag when in a car seat: Not going to happen, stop trying!

Painting your toe nails: Again you have a few options I initially tried to save a little money and asked my other half to do mine for me… Well instead of painting from the nail bed up he painted side to side 😑 needless to say they weren’t exactly great and I ended up having to pay for someone to do them for me.

People respecting your personal space: If you don’t like random people touching you, tough! Get over it because people will come and touch your belly as if it were there own.

Not being offended daily: I was fully aware I was big when I was pregnant, as shakira would say “hips don’t lie” and OMG mine did not! However the amount of times I got asked if I was sure I wasn’t having twins was ridiculous! YES I’M F***ing sure there is only one baby in my uterus I’m just the size of a baby whale Ok? 

As well as all the things you take for granted, there are things which you never even knew existed or really understood could happen to your body!

Leaking boobs: Although this didn’t happen for me prior to having A, post baby…. Well let’s just say these became a good friend of mine.

Crying because life is happening: the uncontrollable emotions, happy one min then crying because you haven’t got any cheese in the fridge or in my case because I couldn’t go paint balling on my birthday (not that I have ever even been paint balling)! 

A mucus plug
😷 do I need to say more?


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